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Literally the origin of the phrase "tying the knot", handfasting is the Ancient practice of binding a couple's hands in a ceremony that symbolises their commitment to each other. To many couples, the handfasting cord holds a tremendous significance.

While handfasting ceremonies are becoming ever more popular as more and more people choose to emphasise their personality, love story and individuality in their weddings, there really is no wrong way of designing your cord and conducting the ceremony. A personalised handfasting can truly 'tie' a very special wedding together


Based in Edinburgh, Scotland - but shipping worldwide - I specialise in designing and crafting artisanal handfasting cords which reflect the couple's relationship and their unique celebration of love. The signature of my designs are Celtic knots which come together in meaningful symbolism and intricate beauty.

I pride myself in striking the balance between working to my clients specification and making creative suggestion to help the couple explore various options. I love working to special wedding themes and incorporating traits of the partners both through the visual design but also choices of material...



Your Handfasting Cord



If you are in a hurry, you can select from already existing designs in my Etsy Shop. Unique pieces cannot be altered, are sold on a first come first serve basis. Since they tend to find a new home rather quickly and emerge spontaneously from a moment of inspiration and free time, there are not always unique pieces available.

Standard designs on the Etsy shop can be tweaked to fit your colour preferences. Prices start at £29.-


Bespoke Commissions

If you want your cord designed from scratch and for it to make a truly singularly unique statement about your relationship and celebration, drop me a message to discuss ideas. If you already have a very precise idea in mind, I can make the handfasting cord of your dreams a reality – On the other hand, if you do not yet have a concrete idea I am happy to make a few suggestions. I love working with my clients to come up with a design that is just right for their theme, personalities and the spirit of their celebration! 

Prices depend on the intricacy of the work and the costs of the materials. Since Commission pieces involve design work as well, however, they will generally start at £50.-

Having your cord designed from scratch enables you to customise all of its features, including:

The Knots: While the Eternal Love Knot and the Josephine Knot are evergreen favourites, there are many more knots – both ancient and modern – that can help tell the story of your relationship and symbolise your union.

Colours: Maybe you want to go with colours that carry symbolic meaning for you or maybe you want your cord to fit into the overall theme. Either way, I can source just about any colour of the rainbow. If it’s not commercially available, it can be hand-dyed.

Materials: Cotton, hemp, silk, satin, chiffon, blends…. It’s not only important what a cord looks like but what it feels like as well. After all, it will be wrapped around your hands in a ceremony that symbolises your commitment for each other.

Decorations: The ends of your cord can be embellished with flowers, leaves, beads, sea shells, feathers or pendants to further underline the character of your cord. Our imagination is the limit. Decorative items can also be placed across the cord – something that looks particularly lovely with flowers or sea shells.



Other Products

I also offer other accessories that could feature in your handfasting celebration as accessories for the couple or gifts for guests, family, your celebrant, or the wedding party. Whatever the style of your cord, I can make headpieces, bracelets, hair pins, lapel pins. Whatever you can think of that would help tie your event together - there probably is a way ;) I've even made fake markers for celebrants!


Get in touch

If you would like to explore options for your own ceremony, just send me a message - no matter how loose or concrete your ideas, no matter how far away your celebration still is and no matter your budget. I'd be excited to play a small part in helping you make your dream wedding or other celebration of your love a reality!